Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Cutie

This was Audrey Kate's first Halloween - what a cutie! She wore a cute Halloween outfit during the day - she loved her bow - but as you can tell she was not a big fan of her halloween hat. Audrey Kate decided to be an adorable bunny. We went to my friend Sara's rehersal dinner that night - so no trick-or-treating for us....can't wait for next year though. Doesn't Audrey Kate make the cutest bunny you have ever seen -- aaawwww!


kristi said...

oh my goodness.....what a little cutie pie!! She is just adorable and getting too big too fast!!! Growing up!!! Precious!!

Spoons said...

She is the cutest little girl bunny ever! I love that smile, Jillian is a smiley girl in the morning, but the rest of time she's likes to keep a straight face. She always looks mad! LOL!! We still have to have a playdate with the girls ;)