Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bumper Pads

Audrey Kate has learned to turn her body around while she is lying on her back. She started doing this yesterday when she was playing on her play mat - and I thought it was so cute. She rolls up onto her side and kicks her legs - turning herself around. Well, last night I checked on her twice and both times she was sideways in her crib....the second time - her face was up against the bumber pad!!! This freaked me out!! I could see her easily getting her face stuck against the bumper pad and not being able to move her body to get where she could breathe again -- so I think that the bumper pads may be removed--at least for a while -- I would rather her bumb her head or bruise her knee on the crib - then get stuck where she couldn't breathe -- am I the only crazy one who thinks this way???


Jay and Julie Foy said...

My 2 pediatrician friends made me promise that when we have kids, I wouldnt put bumpers in a crib till 6 months for that very reason. I hadnt heard that before but they were pretty adamant about it.

Spoons said...

We have a bumper pad, but she doesn't sleep in her crib yet. She sleeps in her bassinet right next to me! Your not crazy though-- my pediatrician told me the same thing. Take it off and don't worry what other people think! I'd rather be safe than sorry!

LNel said...

Hey, Lauren! It's Laura Nelson. I found your blog from Julie's...We actually took Ben's bumper down for about a month when he was around this age because I got freaked out, but once he could move better, I put it back up because then he would get his feet stuck and wake up crying. We also have a very thin bumper so that makes me feel better, but I'm not sure if it matters.