Monday, December 21, 2009

Deck the Halls....

I wanted to get a fabulous wreath and some decorations for the fireplace this year. The only wreaths that I liked were well over $100 - and that just wouldn't do. I spent a whole day trying to find the perfect wreath. After much frustration, I decided to make the wreath myself -- and the fireplace looks beautiful! I am so proud of myself - the pictures don't even do it justice - you will just have to come over and see it. I am so proud of how it turned out.

I put up and decorated the tree a few weeks ago when Audrey Kate was napping. I put a bunch of ornaments on the tree that she could take on and off - needless to say - our tree changes daily -- but it is nice to let her enjoy it and not have to tell her no all the time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Toy!

I always find good things at Kohl's - this shopping trip I ended up with a new toy for Audrey Kate.....and it was FREE!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Silly girl!

This is how we found Audrey Kate in her room the other morning - she was swinging her legs saying "weeee" - We tried to get her to reinact it for us and this is the best that we got...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bracelet Beauty!

Like any girl, Audrey Kate LOVES bracelets - the more the better. She puts on as many as she can. Here are some pictures of her and her bracelets - she would have put on more, but this was all that she could find - such a silly girl! We hope that Santa brings her some shiny pretty ones for Christmas!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Fun and 15 months old!

Audrey Kate has a really cute real laugh. But lately she has been using this "I have an evil plan" laugh - it is so silly and makes me laugh every time. It reminds me of the episode on Friends where Phoebe and Joey are coming up with a plan and they do the "plan laugh" -- anyway - enjoy are silly girl with her silly laugh!

We had a surprise waiting for us in the garage a few weeks ago. It was a snake. I tell people about the snakes that we get and they look at my like I am lying when I say how big they are. The snakes that we get at our house are HUGE!!! Here is a video of the latest one that was hiding behind the trash can -- SCARY!! (Casey and Wes sealed up the holes in the garage that we think the snakes use to get in - so watch out neighbors - they are coming to you now :)

Every night after her bath she listens to some music with daddy - ROCK music -- so special to share time with Daddy - watch her jam to the Muse -- so cute!

Audrey Kate had her 15 month check up. She now weights 20.4 pounds and is 30 1/2 inches tall. She is in the 15th percentile for her weight and 50th percentile for her height - she loves to run, play, dance, swing, and climb. She learned how to jump and spin in circles too -- I think she likes getting dizzy.

Her word list just gets longer and longer - but here are the ones that I can remember:

night night, up, all done, the end, more, juice, milk, bath, book, ball, daddy, mommy, baby, belly bee( for belly button), ahhh (for airplane), choo choo, woo woo (for the fire truck) pumpkin, down, baba (bottle), mimi (for her lamb), eyes, nose, yeah, Annie, RaeRae(for her friend Reagan), around (for the fan), eat, car, uh-oh, off, weeee, no-no, oooz (for shoes) and lots of animal sounds.

She is so much fun - we are so blessed to have her as our daughter - and enjoy every minute!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Audrey Kate fans!

Wes's sweet cousins always check Audrey Kate's blog and love watching her videos. They claim they are her biggest fans :) I thought that it would be fun to post a video of them, so that they would see it when they checked the blog. Thank you for being so much fun guys. We love you Kamsey, Kaida, Kale, and Kabry!!! (sorry if I spelled your names wrong)

Isn't this song so cute!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Product Review!

When we bought our house, I was so excited to get stainless steel appliances - they were soooo pretty. But, they are a PAIN to clean. The cleaners always left streaks or didn't make it shine. I had to scrub forever and it still looked awful. The appliances made my kitchen look gross. Well, I have found the best product EVER. Weiman's Stainless Steel wipes!! They are awesome.
No spraying, limited scrubing, and beautiful appliances. My appliances look brand new. With little hands exploring everything - there are always handprints everywhere - now they are no longer a problem. Wes laughed at me because I said "I love these....look at the fridge!" like 50x. If you too have suffered from stainless steel blues - go get these wipes.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Arkansas vs. A&M

We went to the Arkansas game at the new Cowboys stadium last night. It was so much fun. The stadium is amazing! The game was great - we loved watching Arkansas rack up the points. We also enjoyed spending time with family. Audrey Kate had her first sleepover at a friends house because it was a night game, and did just great. Here are some pictures of the stadium...if you ever get the chance, you should go, just to see it! Amazing!!

Just look at how huge it is compared to the cars....massive!

These are some of the supports to hold the thing up...

going up the escalators to our seats

The screen was HUGE - I think that it is bigger than my house.

The retractable was closed due to the rain.

A picture of our seats --- look behind Wes -- yup that is the top of the stadium - we could still enjoy everything and see everything even from the tippy top.

GO HOGS!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep your hands and arms inside the crib!

I went to check on Audrey Kate before I went to bed, just like I always do. But tonight - I saw something a little strange - It was dark in there - but it looked like something was coming down the side of the crib -- I looked closely -- and saw this:

I am so glad that I checked on her...what if she decided to roll over or something - such a cutie - never failing to make me smile - even in her sleep!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Two Girls!

The best of friends!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Animal Sounds!

Audrey Kate and I have been reading "Polar Bear Polar Bear". I made up a lot of random animal sounds for the different animals. Those are the sounds that Audrey Kate says now - soooo cute! Enjoy the flamingo sound, it is my favorite!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

Audrey Kate has been helping her Daddy a lot lately....take a look....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Cake!

Here are some pictures of Audrey Kate and her first birthday cake. She was hesitant to try it and didn't like the texture on her fingers. She didn't really eat any cake, but she likes the icing off of her hand and made a mess on her face!

(Her cake was made by Allison Vrana of Pattycakes. The blog is The cake was totally adorable-she even made Audrey Kate a smash cake-, price was good, and it tasted AMAZING!!! If you are looking for a great cake - think of Allison!!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Soooooo BIG!

So, on July 30th, our little baby turned 1. I cannot believe that a year has passed already. We had family in town for a little celebration this weekend. It was so much fun. Here is a picture of our big girl in her party dress telling us she is "Soooooo big!" (More birthday pictures to come)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swimming with the Cousins!

Audrey Kate shared her teeny tiny pool with her cousins -- and she was so tough as they were jumping and splashing! She loved spending time with her cousins (Jordan 4 and Ethan 2)-- so much fun!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I am so proud!!

Audrey Kate and I went through her whole bedtime routine - and after prayer I put her in her crib. And you will never guess what happened........she DIDN'T cry. She just laid down and eventually fell pacifier!!! What a big girl!!! Oh....and she now calls me Mama!!! So sweet -- still brings tears to my eyes -- we only have two things left to work on...for now.

1. Transitioning to full time sippy cup (I gave her some formula in her sippy the other day and she just let it dribble out of her mouth...she did this two times. Then I put the formula in her bottle and she sucked it down....uuggghhh - I am definitely introducing the milk in the sippy cup.
2. Transitioning to milk from formula (I want to wait until after her doctor's appointment on Friday to make sure that she is nutritionally ready to move to milk....she is just so petite!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Curious Audrey gets Stuck!

We have a small entertainment center with little storage areas where we put Audrey's toys. Well, I guess Audrey thought she could crawl through or something - and she got stuck....and got upset -- hahaha -- silly girl!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Water fun!

We were re-organizing the garage and found this great tub for Audrey Kate to play in. We filled it with water, put her inside, and then gave her the hose. She thought that that was hilarious. Take a look at the video. :)

Day 6

Audrey Kate is halfway through Day 6 without her pacifier. She had a great weekend, but I was concerned about her going to school without her pacifier. She didn't take a morning nap - just fussed in her bed for a while and then started talking and singing - haha - - but she did take a good afternoon nap. Her teacher said she was a little bit clingy too - but I think if we give her another week she will be doing just great. I know that I decided to give up the pacifier early - but I knew that she could do it and I knew that the earlier we did it the easier it would be - even if she had a hard time napping at school. We can work through that. I hope I did the right thing for her - this parenting stuff is hard!!! (mostly hard to make a decision and know that it is the best one for your child -- uuggghhh)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 has gone remarkably well. She has cried for less than 15 minutes and that is only at naptime and bedtime. We went to Walmart after her afternoon nap/snack and then went over and played with the children across the sleep before bed. Audrey Kate did great and only cried for her pacifier when I put her in her crib. All in all day 2 was a success. I am still not planning on taking her to church tomorrow so that she will not miss her morning nap. That way she will be able to focus on being without the pacifier without being over tired. I am so proud of how good she is doing without her pacifier.

On a different note, Audrey Kate has been extra cute today. We have been reading her several books a day since she was born. This girl LOVES books. She looks at them by herself all the time and loves to help turn the pages and imitate us pointing to the pictures. Well, today she started bringing books to us and then putting her hands up so we can put her in our lap. She waits while we read looking at all the pictures and imitating some of the sound effects. Then she gets down and gets another one. Then the process starts all over. Also, today she kept bringing me my flip flops and wanting me to put them on. Then she wanted me to take them off. She would pick them up - walk around with them a while and then bring them back for me to put on. So cute!!

She has been saying several words for a while, but the list keeps growing and growing. She now consistently and spontaneously says:

Daddy, Annie, Hi, Bye, Ba(for bottle), and woof woof for dog. So cute - she is also imitating a ton - but rarely does she even attempt to say mama - so silly. She will get it one of these days.

Friday, July 17, 2009

End of Day 1

Well... Audrey Kate did GREAT! She cried a total of 20 minutes. It seemed that the hardest thing for her was bedtime. We usually give her the pacifier while we go through the bedtime routine - so she knows bedtime is coming - I think she still thought that it was time to play even though we did the same routine. She cried for about 10 minutes and has been asleep ever since. I hope she sleeps well through the night.

Wes has been sick the past 3 days - so Audrey Kate and I have been spending lots of quality time together. Let's just say that life as a single mother would be tough. Today I was taking care of Wes, Audrey Kate, and Annie (she was needing lots of attention and playtime today)straigtening up the house, catching up on laundry, and trying to do a little work from home. I am exhausted from my day....looking forward to the weekend and having Wes back on his feet.

Round 2

Ok...I thought about it all week and decided that this weekend was the weekend to begin round 2. And this is a round I plan on winning. I am more prepared this time. The schedule for the weekend is light, no big plans or outings that would take us far from home. And, we have her "Tiga" (her stuffed Tiger) and a blankie ready to comfort her. I put her down for her nap this morning and she cried for about 5 minutes and then was off to sleep. I am so proud of her! We have 4 days to work on this before she goes back to school. I think that we probably will not go to church on Sunday so she can stay on schedule and work on being without her dear pacifier. I know that she can do it, and I know that I can do it. When she goes back to school, it will be hard on the teachers because 2 of the other children in her class use the same pacifier that she does. But her teachers are great and I know that they will help Audrey Kate along. Lift up a prayer for my little one!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Giving up on giving up....for now!

Well, round one of giving up the pacifier goes to Audrey Kate! The first day went great! We stayed home all day and completely on our routine. She cried for a total of 30 minutes and even slept all night....but then came Saturday. I didn't realize how much Audrey Kate used a pacifier to cope with being away from home. She wants it in the car, when she is tired, and when she is in a strange place. It is definitely her security blanket. Well, Saturday we were out running errands in the morning and it did not go well at all. So, the girl got her pacifier back. I think that maybe we need to decrease pacifier use out of the house first before we take it away all together. I think that we will start to bring a special toy with us when we are out and about to help with the transition. I just never realized how much she relied on it for comfort. I think the time we take it away we need to plan on a good 4 days straight at home to get used to life without her pacifier. Now, I don't plan on having a child on a pacifier until 3, I just plan on having a better plan the next time around. I think we will give her another few weeks and then try it again. LOL - maybe I gave in too quickly - but her pouty face is just too cute!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting ready for the BIG day!

We have 20 days...that is right my friends....there are 20 days left until my little baby girl turns 1!!! I can't believe that she is almost one already. We have several things to accomplish by the time she is one. She is already walking, eating well (this is a biggie for her) and talking up a storm. So, you may be saying, what is left. Here is the list:

Step 1: Falling asleep by herself - yeah - this one has been acheived. She fusses when we sing the good night song or she sees her crib because she knows it is coming - but then she goes down pretty quickly - our schedule has really helped with this - plus the fact that she was ready but mommy and daddy really enjoyed rocking her to sleep,

Step 2: De-pacifier - oooohhh I am not looking forward to this one - but AK already just takes a paci at nap time. I think we should start today - nap time is in about 30 minutes - should we try it with no pacifier? -- this could be a long weekend. How long do you think it will take AK to learn to sleep without the pacifier? 1 nap session (I wish), 1 day, 3 days, a whole week --- place your bets!!!

Step 3: De-bottle and move to full time sippy cup use
Step 4: De-formula and embrace milk!
Step 5: Say MAMA!!

I will keep you updated on how the steps go!! (Don't forget to place your bets or tell me I am crazy!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where did all my friends go??

The most horrible thing happened to me today...I was updating my blog list. The blog list is so cool because it lets me know when people have updated their blogs and then I know I have new news to read. I was trying to add a new blog and the whole list DELETED!!! I am so sad....the worst part is that I don't know the blog links of all my friends --- uuuggghhhh -- so...if you read my blog - please send me a link to yours so that I can stay updated. I love reading about your lives and feel completely friendless is almost like I lost my cell phone -- boo hoo!! :(

(I added the ones that I could remember or locate - so please let me know if I left you out)

Friday, June 19, 2009

So Silly!

Here is a cute video of Audrey Kate walking and then dancing to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga happens to be her very favorite. So funny!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer fun!

Audrey Kate had her friend Grayson over to play and decided to share her Elmo with him - so sweet to watch her share with him!
I hadn't heard Audrey Kate for a while so I went to check on her...and she had gotten into the toilet paper - thank goodness she had her paci in so she didn't eat the toilet paper - lol
We bought Audrey Kate her first blow up pool and she loved it. Here she is watching daddy set it up - she was screaming at him the whole time because she wanted to be outside with him - soooo cute
And then here is our swimming beauty -

Audrey Kate and her baby doll -- this is how she left the cabbage patch kid after she played with it -- so funny -I guess I need to teach her how to play with her baby dolls - hahaha (why does the cabbage patch kid have a tattoo on her tushie - not a good role model for Audrey Kate huh?)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Steps!!

Tonight Audrey Kate took her first steps!! Yeah Baby girl!! It was so cool that Wes and I got to witness them together. Everytime she takes a few steps she gets so excited and is so proud of herself. Isn't she just the cutest?!?!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cinderella! Back to Work!

Audrey Kate had just finished dinner. (We take her clothes off at dinner when she is trying to spoon feed herself.) I had just finished separating the laundry. Audrey Kate found this rag and got straight to work cleaning the floors and cabinets. I love how helpful she is around the house! :)

Here she is helping daddy put some furniture together.

And here is our girl, after a long day of working, kicking back with a bottle -- what is with this position?? - totally cute!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Do the Laundry, Cinderella!

We put Audrey Kate to work this weekend. It is time she earned her keep and started to help with the chores. She's pretty good at it, don't you think?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Milestones!

Audrey Kate has reached new milestones again! She is growing so fast and suprises us everyday with the new things that she can do. She never fails to bring a smile to our faces. Here she is holding her bottle all by herself for the first time - what a big girl!

Audrey Kate says "Look Mom - no hands!" She is now standing all by herself. It is the funniest thing. She lets go - has a shocked look on her face and then laughs at herself -- she gets so tickled that she can stand without holding on!!She has also bonded....not with a stuffed animal or a blankie - but with her paci - She wakes up at night several times just looking for her paci. Then, if she can't find it, she cries until I come in and put it back in her mouth. After several nights of this, I decided to put a bunch of pacifiers in her bed and that way it would be easier for her to find them. I am happy to say that it worked. She has been sleeping beautifully again and not needing my help at all. Well, this is how we found her after her nap yesterday - enjoying the plethora of pacifiers in her crib. So funny!