Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Sonic Guy!

I think that it is time to put my Sonic addiction to rest. I went to Sonic on Friday and they messed up my order. The same guy always seems to wait on me....I don't know if the Sonic near me is run by one man who does everything...or if he just always waits on me. So, I took a sip of my drink -- I am a frequent customer at happy hour-- and then I had to press the button again so that they could fix it. What do you know -- my sonic guy comes out to fix it. Well... I went to Sonic today and decided to go through the drive-thru to try and avoid my sonic guy...and what do you know...he is working the drive-thru. Well...he smiles at me and says "We will try and get your order right this time." I was mortified!!! This man knows I am addicted to Sonic!! How embarassing!! I don't know if I can give up my sonic addiction -- so I may have to change up which nearby Sonic I visit for happy hour -- crazy!!!

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LNel said...

Luckily, there are at least 3 Sonics within probably 7 minutes of your house, so you could rotate. I was actually going to Burger Street a lot when I was pregnant, and one time the guy remembered me. I don't think I have been back since. Good luck with that! Laura Nelson