Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeow!!! The flea is on me!

I read Audrey Kate several books every night. She loves it. Sometimes she likes to look at and touch the pictures and sometimes she likes to watch my face. Well, last night she wanted to watch my face. I read her the stupidiest story called "Eeeek! There is a Flea on Me". It is about a flea that jumps on different people and animals. The book then shows how they react like "OH" or "Yeow". I don't even know where I got this book - it is one of those early readers with lots of rhyming -- I never read it to her because it is so weird. It wouldn't be one that I would ever recommend to a family to read at home....there are others that are so much better....But....for some reason, I picked it up and read it to her last night -- she just thought it was absolutely hilarious - or maybe she thought that I was absolutely hilarious. Either way - what a glorious sound - I thank God for her beautiful, pure, joyous laugh!! (even if she is laughing about a flea)


kristi said...

oh my goodness gracious.......that is the most precious little giggle EVER!! What a treasure!! Angel baby girl!! And what a precious mommy you are!! Sweet family of three!! :-)

Kristi said...

I love it, how sweet, I can't wait to hear Reagan laugh, I feel like all I hear now is crying, but what a wonderful thing to look forward to, you all are so cute!!