Friday, February 20, 2009

A bunch of Firsts!

Audrey Kate has done lots of new things in the past month. I am going to post some pictures of her "firsts".....what a cutie pie!

This is a picture after her first successful spoon-feeding experience. Yum! She loved it
Here is her first time on stage at church. This was her baby dedication. Isn't her dress the most precious dress ever!!! Thank you Grammy and Grampy!

Here is video of her first time in her Jumperoo -- she loves to move and jump in this thing - it is totally cute!

This is a picture of her sitting up all by herself - what a big girl!!

And here she is thinking about crawling.....get ready she will be on the move soon!

This is a picture of Audrey Kate after her first ride in her Big Girl stroller -- I think she had fun - but she fell asleep in the middle of all the excitement....

She was with her back-up babysitter this past Thursday and she decided to give Audrey Kate her first ponytail -- I am not such a big fan of it --- what do you think?

The ponytail also resulted in her first mohawk -- soooooo silly!

Hope you enjoyed the "firsts" of Audrey Kate!!


Brittany said...

that ponytail is hilarious!

kristi said...

how is she big enough for all of these first!! oh my goodness gracious....sitting up!! the dedication outfit....PRECIOUS!! and the ponytail is hilarious!! she is beautiful as ever!! miss you!!!

Jay and Julie Foy said...

She is soo cute! I love that ponytail - tiniest ponytail ever! I also think the mohawk is a perfect rockin look for her.