Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Suction cup sweetie!

Ok.... my friend at work has a 2 year old. She did the funniest thing the other day and I got her mom's permission to share her story. It is just too funny not to share. We will call her daughter "C". So, C is taking a bath the other night. She was playing with some toys in the tub. One of her bath toys had a little suction cup attached to it. C somehow got the suction cup off of the toy. Then she said "Look mommy, I makin' nilk" - yes my friends - she was holding the suction cup to her nipple as if she was using a breast pump to get some milk - or "nilk" as she calls it. She proceeded to switch nipples. HILARIOUS!!!! (she has only seen a family member pumping one time - and remembered it long enough to reenact it - What a smartie!!)

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