Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day!

Last year at this time I was looking forward to meeting my little one - and now she is here -- and already 9 months old. Being a mom, I feel that I now have more of a taste of the love that God has for us. I am overwhelmed with this all encompassing love everyday with every smile and every laugh and every once in a lifetime moment that I share with Audrey Kate. God calls us His children. Oh what a love that must be (since it is even more than what I feel for Audrey Kate). She is such a blessing in my life, and I am so thankful that God entrusted her to me. I know that there will be many joys and trials to come our way, but with Wesley by my side and God's continual love and direction - we will persevere. I pray everyday for her salvation and that she would glorify God with her life. This would make me the proudest mama in the world!!!

Nana D came to visit us for Mother's Day and it was so good to have her here. She is a wonderful godly woman and I am thankful for her friendship and support in my life. She brought Audrey Kate some cute outfits - you can see one in the pictures with the cute little hat.

A few weeks ago - Audrey Kate took her first Carousel ride on a mini carousel at the mall -- this picture is priceless! Needless to say SHE LOVED IT!!

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kristi said...

Nothing like your first Mother's Day........what a precious post!! Mommyhood is the greatest!! Love the carousel pic............pure joy!!! So sweet!!!