Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cinderella! Back to Work!

Audrey Kate had just finished dinner. (We take her clothes off at dinner when she is trying to spoon feed herself.) I had just finished separating the laundry. Audrey Kate found this rag and got straight to work cleaning the floors and cabinets. I love how helpful she is around the house! :)

Here she is helping daddy put some furniture together.

And here is our girl, after a long day of working, kicking back with a bottle -- what is with this position?? - totally cute!!


Lisa said...

I just knew it would not be long before you had her doing more chores! At least when she is in the nursery... we don't make her WORK!! Ha, Ha, love this cute little girl!

Kim said...

So cute!!! Missed you Sunday. Enjoy being plugged back in with the adults!

kristi said...

whatever in the whole wide world...........cute baby girl with her leg up while she is eating!! how girly is that.......sOOO cute!!! can not believe how much she is growing!!! precious!!!