Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer fun!

Audrey Kate had her friend Grayson over to play and decided to share her Elmo with him - so sweet to watch her share with him!
I hadn't heard Audrey Kate for a while so I went to check on her...and she had gotten into the toilet paper - thank goodness she had her paci in so she didn't eat the toilet paper - lol
We bought Audrey Kate her first blow up pool and she loved it. Here she is watching daddy set it up - she was screaming at him the whole time because she wanted to be outside with him - soooo cute
And then here is our swimming beauty -

Audrey Kate and her baby doll -- this is how she left the cabbage patch kid after she played with it -- so funny -I guess I need to teach her how to play with her baby dolls - hahaha (why does the cabbage patch kid have a tattoo on her tushie - not a good role model for Audrey Kate huh?)

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