Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 2

Day 2 has gone remarkably well. She has cried for less than 15 minutes and that is only at naptime and bedtime. We went to Walmart after her afternoon nap/snack and then went over and played with the children across the sleep before bed. Audrey Kate did great and only cried for her pacifier when I put her in her crib. All in all day 2 was a success. I am still not planning on taking her to church tomorrow so that she will not miss her morning nap. That way she will be able to focus on being without the pacifier without being over tired. I am so proud of how good she is doing without her pacifier.

On a different note, Audrey Kate has been extra cute today. We have been reading her several books a day since she was born. This girl LOVES books. She looks at them by herself all the time and loves to help turn the pages and imitate us pointing to the pictures. Well, today she started bringing books to us and then putting her hands up so we can put her in our lap. She waits while we read looking at all the pictures and imitating some of the sound effects. Then she gets down and gets another one. Then the process starts all over. Also, today she kept bringing me my flip flops and wanting me to put them on. Then she wanted me to take them off. She would pick them up - walk around with them a while and then bring them back for me to put on. So cute!!

She has been saying several words for a while, but the list keeps growing and growing. She now consistently and spontaneously says:

Daddy, Annie, Hi, Bye, Ba(for bottle), and woof woof for dog. So cute - she is also imitating a ton - but rarely does she even attempt to say mama - so silly. She will get it one of these days.

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kristi said...

yea ak!!! such a big girl!! and look at all those words she is saying.......speech therapist mommy has to be proud!!!!!