Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 6

Audrey Kate is halfway through Day 6 without her pacifier. She had a great weekend, but I was concerned about her going to school without her pacifier. She didn't take a morning nap - just fussed in her bed for a while and then started talking and singing - haha - - but she did take a good afternoon nap. Her teacher said she was a little bit clingy too - but I think if we give her another week she will be doing just great. I know that I decided to give up the pacifier early - but I knew that she could do it and I knew that the earlier we did it the easier it would be - even if she had a hard time napping at school. We can work through that. I hope I did the right thing for her - this parenting stuff is hard!!! (mostly hard to make a decision and know that it is the best one for your child -- uuggghhh)


kristi said...

go ak..............she has done such a good job!!

LNel said...

We took Ben's paci away when he turned one. It was hard, but he has adjusted well. Good for you and AK!