Monday, July 13, 2009

Giving up on giving up....for now!

Well, round one of giving up the pacifier goes to Audrey Kate! The first day went great! We stayed home all day and completely on our routine. She cried for a total of 30 minutes and even slept all night....but then came Saturday. I didn't realize how much Audrey Kate used a pacifier to cope with being away from home. She wants it in the car, when she is tired, and when she is in a strange place. It is definitely her security blanket. Well, Saturday we were out running errands in the morning and it did not go well at all. So, the girl got her pacifier back. I think that maybe we need to decrease pacifier use out of the house first before we take it away all together. I think that we will start to bring a special toy with us when we are out and about to help with the transition. I just never realized how much she relied on it for comfort. I think the time we take it away we need to plan on a good 4 days straight at home to get used to life without her pacifier. Now, I don't plan on having a child on a pacifier until 3, I just plan on having a better plan the next time around. I think we will give her another few weeks and then try it again. LOL - maybe I gave in too quickly - but her pouty face is just too cute!!

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Spoons said...

Well, it's good you have a plan for next go around... BUT you know what you tell all your families! ;) I would still try for sooner than later... I think it'll just get harder. Isn't it so weird how things change when your on the other end of things? LOL! We are battling getting ready to get rid of the bottle... Daddy is the one who gives in too early. Tyler was off of it 1 week before he turned 1... we'll see :)