Monday, July 27, 2009

I am so proud!!

Audrey Kate and I went through her whole bedtime routine - and after prayer I put her in her crib. And you will never guess what happened........she DIDN'T cry. She just laid down and eventually fell pacifier!!! What a big girl!!! Oh....and she now calls me Mama!!! So sweet -- still brings tears to my eyes -- we only have two things left to work on...for now.

1. Transitioning to full time sippy cup (I gave her some formula in her sippy the other day and she just let it dribble out of her mouth...she did this two times. Then I put the formula in her bottle and she sucked it down....uuggghhh - I am definitely introducing the milk in the sippy cup.
2. Transitioning to milk from formula (I want to wait until after her doctor's appointment on Friday to make sure that she is nutritionally ready to move to milk....she is just so petite!)

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Spoons said...

I'm so proud of BOTH of you! I knew you guys could do it :) We need to get together before too long! Maybe with the girls too. AK can teach Jillian a thing or two!!