Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Product Review!

When we bought our house, I was so excited to get stainless steel appliances - they were soooo pretty. But, they are a PAIN to clean. The cleaners always left streaks or didn't make it shine. I had to scrub forever and it still looked awful. The appliances made my kitchen look gross. Well, I have found the best product EVER. Weiman's Stainless Steel wipes!! They are awesome.
No spraying, limited scrubing, and beautiful appliances. My appliances look brand new. With little hands exploring everything - there are always handprints everywhere - now they are no longer a problem. Wes laughed at me because I said "I love these....look at the fridge!" like 50x. If you too have suffered from stainless steel blues - go get these wipes.


Rebecca, Vince and Jacob said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I was so excited when we got stainless appliances and then the little greasy fingers started appearing when Jacob started walking. He loves to shut the frig and dishwasher doors. I guess that's the kind of kitchen art we will have from now on since we can't use magnets!

Jay and Julie Foy said...

I am so glad you found something - so you know - we use Stainless Steel Magic at work - we sell appliances and it is the absolute best we have found. You cant buy it at the grocery store, but its at Home Depot and Lowes... just in case you need it!