Friday, January 8, 2010

Hakuna Matata!

It means "no worries" for the rest of your days....or so the song says. Accepting Jesus assures me of "Hakuna Matata"! Praise Jesus for that. I am reminded of this every day - at least 10 times or so - every time Audrey Kate requests to listen to "tata" as she calls Hakuna Matata is constantly playing at our house. Here is the link if you want to remember this fabulous song from your childhood -

I know it has been a while since I wrote an update - so besides listening to "tata" all the time - here is what is going on in our house!

- we had a great christmas. It was fun to have a white christmas - AK played in the snow a little, but she kept falling and getting snow in her face and she didn't really like that part. We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house - we went to church and then had dinner and stockings at my parents. Their house was beautifully decorated for Christmas - and it was good to see my siblings too. We drove home that night in the snow and ice - the 1 hour drive turned in to 2 1/2 hours - thank the Lord for his protection and for my husband's good driving skills. We celebrated Christmas at my house with presents in the morning and then my family came over for lunch and more presents and lots of games. We laughed a lot and enjoyed spending time together.

-New Year's Eve - what would you expect parents of a 17 month old to do to celebrate? You are right - we went to bed at 10:00 - LOSERS!!! Haha! It was nice to get some sleep!

- What is our little one doing now? Audrey Kate is running, jumping, dancing, climbing, and growing so fast. She is talking up a storm - last count she was just over a hundred words and starting to put 2 and 3 words together. Her teacher at school says she knows the names of the other kids in her class and calls them by name - what a smartie - should I stop giving her speech therapy yet?? haha! Wes says that "she may talk a lot, but she just doesn't listen!" She is kindof a stubborn little girl - I think she gets that from her dad (haha) - She understands what we say - but chooses to run the other way shortly after she says "no" very dramatically!! - so funny!! She still loves her best friend "Rae Rae". Everytime she sees "Rae Rae" she screams her name and runs to give her a big hug!! When AK went to hug "Rae Rae" today "Rae Rae" went forward with an open mouth ready for a kiss -- it was so silly. "Rae Rae's" mom and I couldn't help but laugh at our two angels. We sure do love "Rae Rae" at our house!!

Audrey Kate loves her mittens, jacket, hat, and boots - she received all of these things for Christmas and loves to wear them - or at least some of them - ALL the time - no matter the weather! Sometimes she has on one boot on her foot - one boot on her hand/arm, and a mitten on the other hand ready to eat snack - what a funny girl - but I like to embrace her creativity!

Stay tuned for new pictures and videos....


Laura said...

When you last posted on Jan 8th you said to watch for coming videos and pictures... well some of us are still waiting! : ) Much Love! Laura

Lisa said...

I miss you! Is everyone all right, I have not seen you in a few weeks. Please let me know, hope to see you tomorrow at church!