Sunday, February 28, 2010

Product Reviews!

Alright - I know it is not an Audrey update - but I have tried/bought some new products and wanted to let you know about them - just in case you wanted to know:

First up - the Bounce Dryer Bar - LOVE IT!! It sticks inside your dryer - you don't have to remember the dryer sheet and your clothes don't smell as strong as with the dryer sheet - (which I like) - I also think that I am saving money by using it - It has been in my dryer for about 2 months and I have at least a month of so to go (I think)

2. The Steam Fast Steam Mop -- I never realized how nasty my floors were until I had to play on them with my child - YUCK - even after mopping them - I decided to try this steam mop to disinfect my floors - I used to hate mopping - now I do it more often and this steam mop makes it so easy. I got it for $50 at ( ) and shipped it site-to-store for no additional cost - LOVE IT!!

3. Cascade Gel dishwasher liquid - HATE IT! It smells good - but it is a PAIN to squeeze out of the jug - back to using the Cascade powder which I am not crazy about either - any cost effective suggesstions??


Laura said...

3 Things That I LOVE:

1. I LOVED that you were able to be back at church today, even if I had to notice from a distance!

2. I LOVED that you posted a new update to your blog and that you included this sentence: "It sticks inside your refrigerator" about the bounce bar thing... : )


3. I LOVE you guys!

Crystal said...

I also LOVE the bounce bar!!!

Miss seeing you guys.