Monday, February 15, 2010

Sorry for the delay!

I didn't know that so many people followed our sorry for the delay - things have been CRAZY here in the Roe house for the last month or so. First, the stomach flu.....I have cleaned throw-up off of myself 3x --off the floor, the walls, the furniture, and AK... thank you AK - she was sick for a whole week - then both Wes and I got sick - so that was fun....then AK was having all kinds of stomach pain the next week. We eventually took her to the ER the following weekend after she was up much of the night with pain. Turned out she was constipated - which I would never had known, since she was having regular #2s - guess her stomach just didn't recuperate well after the flu. They gave her an enema and some antibiotics for an ear infection. We went 18 months without antibiotics....but the doctor said she really needed them because of the bad cold and ear infection. Then I got what she had (the cold and cough). Then, that Friday I put her to bed - and she didn't want to go to bed - Right after I closed the door, I heard a loud boom. So, I opened the door and she was standing on the other side. I couldn't believe it! She climbed out of her crib at 18 months. I guess that that is what we get for having a girl in the 75th percentile for her height - tall girl and put her leg over the side of the crib (we had an 18 month check-up - she was 21 punds - 10th percentile). I put her mattress on the floor and pillows around the mattress in case she fell out. Well, she woke up every 45-90 minutes and started walking around...not such a good idea to put the pillows on the floor because she kept tripping over them. We were so tired...and just wanted a good night's sleep (it had been weeks). Thank goodness my husband had the genius idea to turn the crib around the next night. She can barely see over the top of the other side - so I think we have a few months before we have to explore the toddler bed ----uuggghhh. The first night she tried to scale the side of the crib - but was not successful - and now she is sleeping well once again.

Now...I still do not have the pictures and videos on the computer to post. We have been taking a lot of them - the memory on the camera is full - maybe I will transfer them this week --- maybe......

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