Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Audrey Roe!!

I asked Audrey what her name was as she was getting ready to take a bath tonight - and she said her first AND last name -- so cute --

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Golfing Girl!

My sister and I grew up playing golf with my dad. I played on the guys golf team at my school and was #3 my senior year. My sister played on her high school team and in college as well. She even tried out for the LPGA future's tour! Impressive! My whole family likes to play together. My dad is still actively playing in tournaments (he just got back from a huge tournament in Louisiana). My mom and dad play together several times a week.

When Audrey Kate was born - my dad bought her her first golf clubs. We aren't talking plastic clubs....these were REAL golf clubs. She has a 7 iron, a putter, and a driver with this really cute pink and black golf bag. He can't wait to take her out on the links. Audrey Kate started to play with the clubs a few weeks ago and likes to put her golf bag on - how cute is this!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A horse is a horse!

There are some horses in a field near Wes's office. He knows the lady that takes care of the horses and got permission for us to feed the horses carrots. So, we did just that this weekend. Audrey Kate loved it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cute Audrey Kate moments!

I was thinking about some of the cute things Audrey Kate has done/said over the past few weeks. I wanted to write them down before I forgot about them -she is a very silly girl!

- Every time she saw snow - she would say "Yuk mommy ho!" (translation - look mommy snow) I hope no one got offended.

-Every time Audrey Kate sneezes or coughs - she says "Bess you Audee" - so cute.

- My very favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids. I was eating some in the car the other day and Audrey Kate asked for one. I gave her a little piece, just to see what she would think. About 20 seconds later she asked for another one - I looked at her and the first one appeared to be gone. I couldn't believe that she liked them! I gave her a few more little pieces and she said "more" after each one - so funny. Well, later that afternoon I needed to change her shirt. When I took her shirt off, I found all of the sour patch kid pieces stuck to her chest - - so funny! (guess she didn't eat them after all)

- Audrey Kate was playing with a golf ball. She came up behind me and hit me in the head with it. It really hurt. I said "OW Audrey - that hurt" Then I fake cried VERY dramatically for about 30 seconds. She stared at me the whole time with this bewildered look on her face. Then after about a minute - she did the same thing to her head - she just hit herself with the golf ball. She looked so shocked that it actually hurt her. She cried for a little while and then put her palm to the side of my face and said "Sawwy Mommy!!" - How precious is that!!!

- The other thing she does that cracks me up - every time my phone rings she says very loudly "Mommy hhhhone" - she does the same for Wes but says "Daddy hhhhone" - it is so adorable.