Monday, June 14, 2010

Panties!!! What in the world!!

Something happened to my "baby" over the weekend --- she GREW UP!!! Right before our eyes. All of a sudden she started to say "go peepee" - I would check her and she hadn't gone yet - so I would sit her on the potty and she would go - then we would cheer and give kisses and she was so proud of herself. We went to run errands Saturday afternoon - and she told me she had to go when we were at 2 different stores - and then she went - so....when we got to Target - we thought we should better get some panties!!! What a BIG GIRL!! She is not wanting to wear them all the time and is still wanting the comfort of having her diaper on - and we are not pressuring her at all - for goodness sake - she isn't even two - but she tells us 90% of the time and then goes in the potty - WOW -- here is the proud girl showing off her panties!! (She picked Hello Kitty - so cute)


Crystal said...

Holy Cow! She's only 5 months older than Carsyn. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this.
Hooray for fewer diapers!!

Spoons said...

Go AK! I'm impressed with you Lauren. Jillian has been practically BEGGING us and we just can't do it yet. I'm proud of you :) and of AK!! She will be 2 next month, can you believe it?!?!? Time sure does fly. I've been thinking of you. Hope you are doing well.