Sunday, July 18, 2010

A monkey and his clothes!

Audrey has a sock monkey that she received as a gift. She has just recently started to become attached to him. I tried to name her (Audrey insists that it is a girl) something really cute...but Audrey calls her "Maxi". We got the baby clothes from the attic to start getting ready for Kiley while I still have energy. Audrey was very interested in the clothes. So, I put a dress on "Maxi". Audrey loved that "Maxi" was wearing clothes. She even slept with Maxi in her bed that night. It was like clothes moved her up to the "in crowd" (or the in your bed at night while you sleep crowd) -- fast forward to 4:30 in the morning. I wake up to Audrey Kate screaming "maMA, maMA, maMA" I go in her room and say "What is wrong Audrey?" She says "oh no....Maxi have no clothes....see right there". Apparently, Maxi's clothes came off while she was sleeping and Audrey could not sleep with Maxi naked. LOL - she is sure lucky that she is so cute....needless to say Maxi got dressed and Audrey Kate went back to sleep. - what a silly girl!

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