Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spray Park and Cows!

My friend Kristi and I took our girls to the spray park in Roanoke a few weeks ago. It took them a while to be comfortable getting sprayed - but once I jumped in and got wet - the girls were all about it. We played on the swings too! The girls were so good and so much fun.

Then....Chick-Fila had "Cow Appreciation Day" - so silly but so fun! All you had to do is dress like a cow, and you could get a free meal. So, Kristi, Reagan, Audrey Kate and I --- dressed like cows! The girls were totally adorable! Audrey Kate got mad when I took her spots off. All afternoon she kept looking at her shirt and saying "Where my spots go?" Kristi and I were SO cute that a picture just wouldn't do us justice. But here are some of the girls:

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