Monday, August 16, 2010

Funny Moments with Audrey Kate!

Audrey says so many funny things -- just want to share some and mark them down to remember forever.

I saw a lizard on the wall in the garage and showed it to Audrey Kate. I said "What is that Audrey?" She said "That's a crocodile!!"

We saw a caterpillar when we were on a walk with our friend Reagan. We bent down to look at it and watch it crawl across the sidewalk. Before we knew it, Audrey stepped on the caterpillar. He was completely smashed - Audrey Kate bent over to look at him closer and then said in a sweet voice "I sorry caterpillar!" - she asked me"what happened caterpillar?" after I threw what was left of him in the grass. I told her that the caterpillar had to take a nap. She told Reagan "shhh caterpillar sleeping" and whispered all the way home.

Wes kissed me tonight and Audrey Kate said "no daddy, with the tongue!" - LOL

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