Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yeah Audrey!

Audrey Kate had a panty party to celebrate being completely potty trained (except for nights). We had a Tinkerbell theme (or should we say "tinkle bell" - ha) Audrey Kate was so excited. She got Tinkerbell panties, Hello Kitty panties, and Minnie/Daisy panties(thank you Miss Kristi). She also got some potty accessories including stickers to decorate her stool, foaming hand soap, and two hand towels. She was so proud of herself. We let her invite 2 friends over for cupcakes. She was eager to show her friends the panties she was wearing saying "Wanna see what I have?" Then, she would pull down the front of her pants and say "Big girl panties!" very enthusiastically. We are so proud of her accomplishment!!

(It is also nice to only be buying diapers for one!)

One of her little friends hasn't really started understanding potty training. We let each friend bring home a pair of panties -- this friend thought that it was a hat --- HILARIOUS!


Spoons said...

Ohhh, so fun! We just bit the bullet with Jillian and put her in underwear at night too when were potty training her. She has had maybe 2 accidents since September at night. I kinda got scared b/c another mom said her niece and nephew (ages 9&11) STILL wear diapers at night! Scary! Good luck with it. Don't get discouraged there will still be accidents, but it is so much better not buying diapers! Yay, AK!

Courtney and Stephen Osborne said...

What a cute idea! I am so glad she is potty trained for you.