Saturday, January 8, 2011

Changes in 2011!

We have had lots of new things going on with our girls this week!

1. Audrey Kate has been very attached to her "milk cups" - she would not drink milk out of ANYTHING else. Then she would suck on it for over 20 minutes like a bottle - RIDICULOUS! The "milk cups" are gone. She now drinks milk from a big girl cup or a straw as long as it is colorful milk! So we make it pink or green, or whatever other color she likes. YEAH!

2. We have had Audrey Kate in panties for over a week!! She has had a few accidents, but is doing fabulous!! I am so proud of her and so excited to only be buying diapers for 1 instead of two - it was kinda pricey there for a little while.

3. Kiley slept 5-6 hours for 3 nights straight! WOO HOO!! She is smiling a ton and cooing! It is totally adorable. She is such a good baby and tolerates all of her sisters noise, touches, and smothering hugs.

4. We have had a hard time at bedtime with both girls...but tonight both girls in bed and asleep by 7:45 - HALLELUJAH!

5. I headed back to work and the girls adjusted to their new schedules beautifully this week.

6. Oh yes - one more new thing -- for a while now Audrey Kate would only eat chicken with a certain kindof BBQ sauce, macaroni, pasta with cheese, eggos, grilled cheese pizza or fruit. NOTHING ELSE!! Refused to even have anything else on her plate. Over my maternity leave I have worked tirelessly to expand her food repetoire. We started by cooking together, kissing and licking foods instead of taking a bite, using our fingers to taste different things, being super silly, and taking teeny tiny baby bites. This week Audrey Kate ate great meals including summer sausage, chicken spaghetti, eggs with cheese, BBQ pork, tilapia (you read that right - my daughter ate two bites of fish), mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, PB and J, and sweet potatoes. She even dipped her pizza in ranch and took a bite of a carrot without any prompting (she did spit it out though saying Yuck) What an awesome girl!! She is now willing to try most anything and is helping cook a ton. She is constantly saying "can I try that?" while we are cooking. She really wanted to try dill and pepper the other day and took a big lick of a lemon and said "that's not good".

The Lord has truely blessed us with these two beauties! More pictures and videos coming soon.

**On a side note, Audrey Kate's language skills shock me all the time. Two sentences from today:

"I'm gonna eat my oranges while my pasta cools."
"Daddy, can you turn on the light for me so I can find my puppy and Jasmin."

She is not even two and a half -- that is just plain crazy!

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