Thursday, February 24, 2011

The mind of a toddler....

So, the other day - Audrey Kate was playing with her daddy - Her hand touched something that felt funny and the following conversation occured:

AK: Daddy, what was that?
D: Nothing Audrey.
AK: Daddy, what WAS that?
D: That was my leg.
AK: THAT was NOT your leg, daddy.
D: ugggh, Audrey - that was my wee-wee.
AK: Your tee-tee?
D: No, my wee-wee. Boys have wee-wees and girls have tee-tees.
AK: (long pause) Let me see that.
D: No Audrey - we don't look at boy's wee-wees.
(end of conversation - uggghhh - crisis averted)

Two days later - I am laying down with her reading books - the following conversation occured:

AK: Mommy?
M: Yes Audrey.
AK: I don't like Daddy.
M: oh no Audrey, why not.
AK: so he no have tee-tee.
M: (laughing) - that's right Audrey - he doesn't have a tee-tee.
AK: Mommy?
M: Yes Audrey
AK: We gotta go buy him one.

LOL - I am sure Wes will be mad at me posting this - but the story is just too funny to keep to myself.

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Michelle Langley said...

HILARIOUS! I love that little AK!!