Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pink Paint

Ok - all of your "design/decorating people" - I need some help - we are doing Audrey Kate's room for her birthday - her favorite colors are light turquoise and pink- and I need help deciding on a paint color for the wall that could grow with her. We bought Audrey Kate some white wash furniture - it is coming for her birthday - here is the furniture:

Then she picked her bedding - turquoise with different color butterflies: (I can't upload the picture)

I have lots of white butterflies, white chinese lanterns, and dark pink and orange flowers for the walls. What color should we paint the room?? I was thinking maybe a light pink like this:

or one of these:

but then maybe a different color pink - i definitely want pink - just not sure what color would look best - help..... oh - and what brand should I use - there is a light mint green in the room right now - yuck - but it came with the house - HELP!!


Dina said...

That will be so cute! I think Valspar paint is the best. It's at Lowe's. But you can find any brand of paint sample and they can match it. I think light pink would be pretty. Just bring a pillow sham with you to pick out the paint color. Make sure the pink on the walls goes with the pink in the bedding. It doesn't have to be the same shade, just make sure they don't clash. I have chalk pink in my dining room and I love it. It's by Laura Ashley. I can't wait to see it when it's done! said...

I agree with light pink...but like the color of the sheets in the picture on target online. I would get the low fume/low VOC Kilz paint which you can tint your paint color. That way you don't have to Kilz or prime the mint green and then paint the pink...with Kilz it is all in one step and covers great.