Sunday, December 30, 2012

Silly Kiley

Kiley has been talking up a storm are some funny things that she has been saying...I know I will forget if I don't write them down.

I said to Kiley that I don't feel very good -- she said "I give you hug" then she gave me a big hug.  She then said "there you go - all better mommy - you tough"

She asked me for some milk - I said "would you like water, lemonade, or milk Kiley?"  (she has been using "milk" to mean she wants a drink - I didn't know we were done with that) - Kiley then said to me "I want milk I said!!!!"

Tonight we were playing with her new train and she said "Look Mommy my train going backwards - pig upsidedown."  What a smartie pants!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sister Love!

Ok - I pray daily for this sweet relationship.  I pray for them to be best of friends, loving, caring and supporting each other their entire lives.  I love the looks on their faces in this picture as if they just love each other so much and can't get close enough to each other.  Most of the time they are sweet to each other.  Audrey Kate offers to help Kiley with everything - even if Kiley wants to do it herself.  Today, Audrey Kate was not feeling very good.  When Kiley got up from nap the first thing she said was "Audrey, you all better?"  Anytime Audrey cries because she wants something or is hurt...Kiley is right there to give Audrey what she wants or to comfort her. And they are always looking for each other.  Audrey finds her on the playground at school just to check on her and give her a great big hug. Totally adorable!!!
One of my favorite sounds in all the world is my girls laughing while they play together...priceless!!