Sunday, December 30, 2012

Silly Kiley

Kiley has been talking up a storm are some funny things that she has been saying...I know I will forget if I don't write them down.

I said to Kiley that I don't feel very good -- she said "I give you hug" then she gave me a big hug.  She then said "there you go - all better mommy - you tough"

She asked me for some milk - I said "would you like water, lemonade, or milk Kiley?"  (she has been using "milk" to mean she wants a drink - I didn't know we were done with that) - Kiley then said to me "I want milk I said!!!!"

Tonight we were playing with her new train and she said "Look Mommy my train going backwards - pig upsidedown."  What a smartie pants!!

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