Monday, June 23, 2014

But mommy...

Kiley was climbing on the outside of the stairs.  I told her twice that that was not a safe choice, and she needed to get upstairs for bed.  She continued to climb; and I told her if she did it again, she would get a spanking.  She ended up with a spanking.  As she was crying and going upstairs she said "But mommy, I was only doing what I wanted to do!!" And then again with tears streaming down her face "But mommy, I was just doing what I wanted to do!!" Then, as she got into bed, she pulled the covers up to her chin and said "It's ok mommy, I forgive you!"  I couldn't help but laugh.  Sweet girl - sometimes we don't get to do what we want to do, and I'm supposed to forgive you for disobeying.  Love this cutie!

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